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 لطفا ایمیل خود را وارد کنید. نتیجه آزمون بلافاصله بعد از اتمام قابل مشاهده است و به ایمیل شما هم ارسال خواهد شد.(نسخه انگلیسی)
اپلیکیشن آزمون مزاج را نصب کنید و بعد از شرکت در آزمون توصیه های مرتبط با مزاج خود را دریافت کنید.
Weight kg
Height cm
Local weather conditions
Does your body look small / compact or big / bulky?
Do you have a big belly or wide bottom in other people’s views?
Do you have a plump face?
Which of the following attributes better describe your hair?
Body hair :
Hair :
If you do not have an emergency services job which requires you to get up early, how long would you be expected to sleep?
Despite getting enough night sleep, do you feel sleepy during the daytime?
Have you ever had sleeping problems such as not being able to sleep or not having a deep sleep?
Do the others complain about your unpleasant body odor from sweating?
Do you have to wake up at night to urinate?
Do you sweat excessively? Does your body get all wet with sweat, for example, while you are walking in the streets during warm days of summer?
Do you sweat only a little?
What weather conditions hurt you more: the warm summer days or cold winter days? In fact, which one do you get closer to: the air conditioner in summers or heater in winters?
Are your family or friends surprised by the amount of clothing you wear? If yes, is this surprise because of your wearing too little or too much clothing?
Do others get surprised by your extremely hot or cold body? (not your hands)
What kind of climate do you prefer?
Do you tend to lead the groups creatively and pioneer in activities or, quite the opposite, be submissive and do as others say?
Do you usually speak quickly and not allow others to take their turns talking or, on the contrary, you speak slowly and others usually interrupt you or get bored with your long speech?
Are you angry most of the time?
If your choice is yes, do you cool down soon? (after 1 minute, for example)
Do you imagine yourself as a lover?(no matter what you fall in love with)
Do you accuse yourself of forgetfulness or having a poor memory?
Do you feel more tired of your daily activities than your peers?
Do you fully carry out your works or leave them incomplete?
Do you feel more desire for warming foods (for example honey, date . . . etc.) or cooling foods (for example cucumber, yogurt, lemon juice . . . etc.)? if you had to choose between a date and a cucumber to eat, which one would you prefer
By eating warm foods, have you developed pimples, an itch or irritated skin?
Do you already have at least five pimples as a result of consuming warm foods?
How is your appetite compared to your peers regardless of some external consideration and others’ warning about “to eat” and “not to eat”?
Do you get thirsty very often (6-5times) through the day and drink a lot of water (one glass) or do you rarely get thirsty (2-3 times) and not drink so much (1/2 half a glass)?
Which of the following items best describes your dominant features in your body?
How much do you know about Temperament Diagnosis?
Test Result
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مخاطبین محترم سایت طبایع می‌توانند با عضویت در کانال طبایع، روزانه محتوای مختلفی را با موضوعات زیر دریافت کنند:

1. دستور پخت (معرفی غذاهای سنتی به همراه روش طبخ آنها)

2. حدیث سلامتی (ارائه احادیث و جملات مرتبط با طب سنتی و سلامت بدن)

3. نسخه سنتی (معرفی ترکیبات رایج طبی با خواص دارویی آنها)

4. مزاج شناسی (آموزش تشخیص مزاج افراد)

5. توصیه های طبی (ارائه توصیه‌ها، ملاحظات و راهنمایی‌های جدی مرتبط با طب سنتی)

6. خواص خوراکی‌ها (معرفی مواد غذایی به همراه مزاج، مصلحات، خواص و موانع مصرف هر یک)

7. قرص نخورید (معرفی مواد طبیعی جایگزین مکمل‌ها و قرص‌های شیمیایی)

8. کلیپ سلامتی (ارائه کلیپ‌های تصویری و صوتی کوتاه و مرتبط با طب سنتی)

10. تجربه شخصی (درج تجربیات شخصی مخاطبین سایت در مواجهه با بیماری‌هایی که با موفقیت درمان شده است)

11. سوال از کارشناس (ارائه نمونه‌هایی از سوالات مخاطبین به همراه پاسخ کارشناسان)

12. گیاهان دارویی (معرفی گیاهان دارویی ایران به همراه خواص دارویی آنها)